I AM BACK IN AZ from Calif.

Hello Guys, hope all is wonderful with you today!   
  I Offer a great massage with lots of fun and excitement because I really enjoy what I do.

I know this is a long website but take your time going through it. Know who you're going too and what I offer before you contact me. I'm not a phony and I have some nice surprises.

How can I say this without 

implying something perverted even thought I am a big pervert at my age :) 

You will leave happy, smiling or relaxed because .... I'm funny, 
easy to talk too and I care about you! 
For those of you who ask do I ONLY do butts? No!! I do a FULL body massage spending about 20+ mins on your butt (glut area) the rest of the time I am massaging you or teasing the crap out of you!!  
So I am a big tease there is nothing wrong with that!!  I really enjoy kissing on your face, cheeks, & neck, it's my favorite part- especially if you are clean shaven. I LOVE it. Come and see what I mean, it's really fun! 
I don't kiss below your waist...sorry. *
 Please request any issues or sore areas.

I really get tired of Guys who ask me basic questions when everything is right here. It's worth 5 mins of your time so you don't look like a dumb ass... THANKS :)


11666 N. 28th Dr. Phoenix, AZ.    85029 -- Condo
I have a quite clean room and Yes it is in a PRIVATE HOME!  
 Who Am I?
I am a classy, intelligent women.
 I also speak English!! 

 I Love People - any age or color or Race.

 I have been doing this work for over 20 yrs.

Author: The Penis Book "Best of Show" EBOOK coming soon
Consultant; On Relationships & Men's Health 

 I'm over 60 so if you are looking for a young lady call someone else.

I am NOT, dumb,  gullible or desperate. 

 I truly Love what I do and you will know that when you come to see me.

 I am VERY Playful and I love to kid around but I won't take any crap.  

The photos posted are the real me and current.

 MY PRICES ...   Tip is included
$120   Please pay up-front..
60 mins. Full Body Massage  
(30 mins on back and 30 on front

45 mins  Full Body Massage 
25 mins on back & 20 on front

30 min; lower body only Massage 
15 mins on back & 15 on front

 Call or Text after 9 am please
  for same day appts call....don't email me.

My Cell Number is below ....almost done keep reading!!

Days I Work ..... 
Mon. Tues, Wed, Thurs. &  Fri.  10:30 to 5:00 pm 

IMPORTANT... worst part of my job is this!!

I will be massaging and putting my hand down around your butt crack so please be clean - nothing is worse than a smelly butt and hot oil :( 
I have baby wipes if you need them in the bathroom. 
My NOSE Thanks You.....

If you need a trim or shave I also offer Manscaping..
From your Head to Toes or Just Grooming your Private Area!
Check out my Manscaping website... 
Click Here....www.losethehair.blogspot.com

5 Things I WON'T DO....... ******************************************************
1.  I am NOT full service.

2.  I Don't offer oral sex. 

3. I Don't massage NUDE  or Topless


5. If you call on a blocked or private number I probably won't answer because it's usually weirdos.  

   Please call during business hrs. thanks..
Not at 12 pm or 5 am, I am asleep.

Stop!!! One last important thing to read...

NO SHOWS!!  be respectful and call and cancel if you can't make it.  

Important Message: Don't be a Dumb Ass!!

 My hours are 10:30 to 5pm   Please, Don't call or text me at 9pm, Midnight-  1- 2 am or 3:30 am...    I'm NOT available. 
 Can you wait and call me in the morning after 9 am. to set up a time.   

 Reminder......... before you call me
1. Please call or text me in the morning after 9 am. with your NAME!! and Info of what U want.

2. It's Simple: If you are Texting me: tell me
  ( how long of a massage or what trimming u need. What town or area are you coming from)

3. Look at my times & prices it's all here!
$120 -$100 or $75  - Times: 11am to 5pm

4. Look at where I am located and Google map it for distance, I am Not a GPS or know how long it's going to take you to get to me.

Location in N. Phoenix  Between Cactus and Peoria just off the 17 fwy. 
{Woodland Condos}
11666  N 28th Dr ... N. of Metro Mall

The Day of your appt. I will send you the address and parking directions.

  480 347 7500
480   347   7500 


480         347   7500 

Thanks Carol --  Let's have fun !!

Manscaping website... 

carolcook49@gmail.com for questions only NO appts thanks!

FOR A GOOD LAUGH..... If this is you,  please don't take offense - just don't do it again!!!

Welcome to my world!!!

To all my blog followers I will be posting some more Dumb Ass 
stuff very soon.... it never ends :) 
READ ON, MY Funny  Dumb-Ass Blog....  is at the very bottom after the guy who brags he is 16 1/2" hard.  

??? I have a question for you. Have you ever seen a 14 inch penis?

Me.. No I guess I haven’t … why?

??? I Have a 14” –Give me a minute, I will send you a photo.

Me… Wow I am impressed!! ( Don’t know if it was really him or not)
14 Inches, well in 16 years in this business I have never seen anything that size.
Why don’t you bring that thing over here and I will take a photo of it for the cover of my book lol

?? … Your Book?? it’s gets 16 ½ when I am fully hard.

Me … Oh Okay Ha ha ha

?? What would you like to do with it??

Me… I would like to beat it with my paint stick or leather strap LOL

???... Wouldn’t you like to just jump on it and ride it all night long??

Me…. Hell NO, I don’t care what size it is…. I don’t do that and I am Not interested but I Have a Mare out back you can ride.

Needless to say he never came to see me!! 
 BOY  these guys and their BS!! BIG BRAGGERS!!

 Click here....www.aworldofdumb.blogspot.com

or type in:  

Enjoy the Crazy comments!!